Vincenzo De Filippis

Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, University of Padova
via F. Marzolo 5, 35131 Padova - Italy

Position:Associate Professor Biochemistry (BIO/10)

Phone: +39-049-827-5698
Fax:  +39-049-827-5366

  Short CV

Born in Caserta, Italy, on March 11th 1964
July 1987: Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology summa cum laude, University of Naples "Federico II", Italy.
1988 - 1991: Research Associate and Consultant for Eni-Ricerche (Milan, Italy), Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Padua.
1992 - 2006: Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Padova.
2006 - : Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Padova.
2014 – : Italian National Academic Qualification as Full Professor in General Biochemistry (BIO/10 – call 2012)

Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, University of Padova, Italy.

  1. General Biochemistry (56 hours)
  2. Applied Biochemistry (48 hours)
  3. Production and Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins (62 hours)

PhD School in Molecular Sciences, University of Padova.

  1. Drug-Receptor Interactions: Theory and Techniques (24 hours)

2006 – present: Supervisor of three Post-Doctoral fellows and eight PhD students. 
2010 -2012: Erasmus Mobility Programme for Undergraduate Students (Supervisor).
Laboratory of Biophotonics, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne-EPFL, Switzerland.
Laboratory of Biocrystallography, Dept. of Haematology, University of Cambridge, UK.
2015 – 2016: Erasmus+, International Credit Mobility Programme for PhD Students, Action KA107 (Supervisor).Institute of Experimental Medicine, University of Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

2015 - present: Chairman of the Commission for Scientific Research of the Dept. of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences.
2013 - present: Vice-Chairman of the Teachers Board of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
2000 – present: Member of the Teachers Board of the PhD School in Molecular Sciences, University of Padova.
2012 – 2015: Member of the Commission for Teaching Activities, Dept. of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences.
2008 – 2011:  Member of the Scientific Board for Drug Reasearch, University of Padova.
2008 – 2011: Member of the Scientific Board of the Research Center for Proteomics, University of Padova.

1989 (3 months): National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA.
(Supervisor: Dr. Ettore Appella)
1990 (3 months): Dept of Physical Chemistry, Granada, Spain.
(Supervisor: Prof. Pedro Mateo)
1993 (3 months): Eur. Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany.
(Supervisors: Dr. Gerrit Vriend and Dr. Christian Sander)

2005 – 2016: Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Biochemical Journal.
2006 – present: Member of the Editorial Board of Current Medicinal Chemistry.
Regularly serves as an external referee for Biophysical Chemistry, Blood, J. American Chemical Society, J. of Medicinal Chemistry, J. of Thrombosis & Haemostasis, Protein Engineering, Folding & Design.


2005 – present: Invited Member of the English Biochemical Society.



Vincenzo De Filippis in Syllabus

General Biochemistry (56 h): 2nd year, Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Applied Biochemistry (48 h): 4th year, Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Production and Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins (62 h): 5th year, Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Drug-Receptor Interactions: Theory and Techniques (24 h): PhD Course in Molecular Sciences

  Office hours

Monday from 15:15 to 16:15

  Availability for Thesis Projects

Project Titles:

The Role of Bacterial Proteases in Thrombotic Diseases

The Role of Bacterial Proteases in Amyloid Diseases

Investigation of Protein Structure and Dynamics by Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS)

Binding of PFAS to Human Plasma Proteins


  Scientific Activities

Main scientific interests: biomolecular interactions; structure and function of coagulation factors; proteomics of post-translational modifications; study of the effects of oxidative stress in cardiovascular diseases, structure-stability-function relationships in therapeutic proteins, protein engineering with non-natural amino acids.

Held more than 50 lectures at national and international conferences. Inventor of one national and two international patents. Author of 73 international publications: 67 as research articles on peer-reviewed international ISI Journals (36 as first author or corresponding/senior author) and 6 as chapters on international books.

Bibliometric parameters: Total Impact Factor (IF) = 257.8; average IF/article: 3.85; total number of citations: 1614; total H-Index = 23 (Source: Scopus, ISI Web of Science).


  • James A. Huntington: Full Professor of Molecular Haematology, Laboratory of Biocrystallography (Group Leader), University of Cambridge, UK. 
  • Enrico Di Cera: Full Professor of Biochemistry, Director of the Dept. of Biochemistry, Saint Louis University, MO, USA. 
  • Vadim A. Vasyliev: Full Professor of Biochemistry, Director of the Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

  Technical expertise

Peptide and protein chemistry; protein purification; mass spectrometry and proteomics; biospectroscopy: UV-Vis absorption, circular dichroism, fluorescence; protein folding, stability and binding; surface Plasmon resonance; microcalorimetry, HDX-MS.



Claire Valotteau, Valeriia Prystopiuk, Giampiero Pietrocola, Simonetta Rindi, Daniele Peterle, Vincenzo De Filippis, Timothy J. Foster, Pietro Speziale, and Yves F. Dufrene (2017) Single-Cell and Single-Molecule Analysis Unravels the Multifunctionality of the Staphylococcus aureus Collagen-Binding Protein Cna. ACS Nano 11, 2160−2170. IF: 13.334


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Laura Galazzo, Lorenzo Maso, Edith De Rosa, Marco Bortolus, Davide Doni, Laura Acquasaliente, Vincenzo De Filippis, Paola Costantini, and Donatella Carbonera (2017) Identifying conformational changes with site-directed spin labeling reveals that the GTPase domain of HydF is a molecular switch. Scientific Reports 7(1), 1714.IF: 5.228.


Pontarollo, G., Acquasaliente, L., Peterle, D., Frasson, R., Artusi I, and De Filippis, V.* (2017) Non-canonical proteolytic activation of human prothrombin by subtilisin from Bacillus subtilis may shift the procoagulant-anticoagulant equilibrium toward thrombosis. J. Biol. Chem. 292, 15161-15179. IF (2016): 4.125


Vincenzo De Filippis*, Laura Acquasaliente, Giulia Pontarollo, and Daniele Peterle (2018) Non-Coded Amino Acids in Protein Engineering: Structure-Activity-Relationship Studies of Hirudin-Thrombin Interaction. Biotechnology & Applied Biochemistry 65, 69-80. Invited Review Article – Special Issue on “Biochemistry of Protein-Protein and Protein-Lipid Interactions: Applications to Biotechnology”. IF: 1.559.


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  Research projects and Funds

Funded Research Projects as Principal Investigator (PI) or Research Unit Coordinator (RUC) 


1998 - 1999: START-UP Project, University of Padova - PI. (30.000 €)
Anticoagulant Drugs: Synthesis and Characterization of Thrombin Inhibitors 

2000 - 2012: Ex 60% Projects, University of Padova - PI. (40.000 €)
Structure, Stability and Function of Blood Coagulation factors. 

2013 - 2015: Ex 60% Projects, University of Padova - PI. (6.000 €)
Oxidative Stress and Cardiovascular Diseases: Biochemical and Functional Studies. 

PRIN-2000, MIUR - Italian Ministry of Scientific Research - RUC. (44.000 €)
Interaction of Thrombin with Inhibitors and Membrane Receptors. 

PRIN-2003, MIUR - Italian Ministry of Scientific Research - RUC. (33.000 €)

Chemical Synthesis, Structure-Activity Relationships of Peptides that Interfere with the Proteolytic Activity of Thrombin and with Molecular Recognition at the Enzyme Exosites I and II. 

PRIN-2005, MIUR - Italian Ministry of Scientific Research - RUC. (53.000 €)
Non-Haemostatic Effects of Thrombin: in vitro Studies of the Interaction of Thrombin with Vascular and Neuronal Growth Factors. 

PRIN-2007, MIUR - Italian Ministry of Scientific Research - RUC. (41.000 €)
Role of Chloride Ions and Oxidative Stress in the Interaction of ADAMTS-13 with von Willebrand Factor: Spectroscopic and Calorimetric Studies. 

PRAT-2009, University of Padova – PI. (60.000 €)
Food Allergens: Purification, Structure, Stability and Immunogenic Properties of 2S Albumins 

Fellowship Research Grant-2009, University of Padova - PI. (30.500 €)
Oxidative Stress and Thrombosis: Effect of Oxidation on the Efficiency of Proteolysis of von Willebrand Factor by ADAMTS-13. 

Fellowship Research Grant-2011, University of Padova - PI. (36.248 €)
Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of Thrombotic Diseases. 

Exellence Research Project-2011, CaRiPaRo Foundation, Padova, Italy – RUC. (47.000 €)
Modelling and Monitoring Motions in Proteins: Cardiovascular Diseases at the Molecular Level. 

PRAT-2012, Inter- Area Scientific Project, University of Padova - RUC. (12.000 €)
Pathophysiology and Ttreatment of Antiphospholipid Syndrome 

PRAT-2015, University of Padova - PI. (42.167 €)
Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Chemical Modifications of Proteins Involved in Thrombotic and Rheumatic Diseases. 

BIOSTRUCT-X 2015, EU Framework Programme – RUC.
A new player in the modulation of protein function: the biological membranes. 



2005: CHELAB S.p.A., Resana (Treviso, Italy) – PI. (72.000 €)
Purification and Characterization of Plant Allergenic Proteins. 

2006 – 2008: Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche, Vicenza, Italy - PI. (67.000 €) Isolation and Characterization of Recombinant Proteins of Pharmaceutical Interest Produced in Plant Cell Cultures 

2011 – 2015. Luigi Villa Research Foundation for Haematologic Diseases (Milan, Italy) and BioTest Pharma (Dreieich, Germany) - PI. (46.000)
Characterization of a New Preparation of the Antihaemophilic Factor VIII Obtained from BioTest: a Comparative Study. 

2011 – 2015: Zeta-Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Vicenza, Italy) - PI. (54.000 €)
Chemical Characterization of the Protein Components in the Pharmaceutical Preparation Helicidine.

 2016: Zeta-Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Vicenza, Italy) - PI. (9.000 €)
Determination of Enzymatic Activities in the Commercial Product ProLife. 

2015: Associazione del Bene Onlus (Foggia, Italy) – PI. (10.000 €)
Chemical Analysis of Phospholipase A2 Protein Inhibitors 

2013 – 2014: Active Botanicals’ Research (Brendola, VI, Italy) - PI. (18.000 €)
Characterization of Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins Produced in Plant Cells 

2014 – 2016: Active Botanicals’ Research (Brendola, VI, Italy) - Supervisor. (57.000 €)
Fellowship Research Grant for a PhD Programme in Molecular Sciences, University of Padova.

2018 - : CaRiPaRo Foundation Excellence Research Project (BiPTA) "The Role of Bacterial Proteases in Thrombosis and Amyloidosis"