Oddone Schiavon

Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, University of Padova
via F. Marzolo 5, 35131 Padova - Italy
Current Position:
Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology (SSD CHIM09)

Phone: +39-049-827-5696
Fax:  +39-049-827-5366
e-mail: oddone.schiavon@unipd.it

  Short CV

1975: Degree in Pharmacy, University of Padova

1980-1987: Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (SSD CHIM08)

1987-2006: Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology (SSD CHIM09)

2006-present: Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology (SSD CHIM09)


  Office hours

Upon appointment (please contact via e-mail)

  Availability for Thesis Projects

In the research lab, we are exploring different projects in the field of drug and protein deliver. The main studied approach relates to polymer conjugation through chemical and enzymatic methods. Also liposomes are investigated for the delivery of drugs. Students will become familiar with diverse aspects of drug delivery and in turn they will practice with different type of proteins, such as, among others, cytokine, growth factors and antibodies, but also with anticancer drugs and oligonucleotides. In terms of analytical methods, the students will have the possibility to routinely approach several chromatographic techniques (either with HPLC or FPLC systems), dynamic light scattering, microcalorimetry, circular dichroism, fluorimetry, capillary electrophoresis. A better understanding of the research projects available in the lab can be presented to interested students during face-to-face meeting with a lab visit.


  Scientific Activities

Nanomedicines are positively impacting several therapies and the potential improvements od such approaches are going from an improved efficacy, a reduced toxicity to an increased patient compliance. Personalized nanomedicines are expected to be the future of clinical practice but for reaching this ambitious target some aspects must be solved, first of all the development of feasible drug delivery systems that can be easily scaled-up. An intense collaboration with pharma industries can help to maintain the proper balance between innovation and feasibility of new approaches in drug delivery.

The final aim of a drug delivery system is to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic protocols and at the same time to reduce the toxicities and the overall costs of the treatments.

The area of interest of my research can be divided into the following categories:

a) polymer-drug conjugates;

b) polymer-protein conjugates;

c) liposomal formulation;

d) Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC).


  • Grigoletto A, Mero A, Zanusso I, Schiavon O, Pasut G. Chemical and Enzymatic Site Specific PEGylation of hGH: The Stability and in vivo Activity of PEG-N-Terminal-hGH and PEG-Gln141-hGH Conjugates. Macromol Biosci. 2016;16(1):50-6
  • Pasut G, Paolino D, Celia C, Mero A, Joseph AS, Wolfram J, Cosco D, Schiavon O, Shen H, Fresta M. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-dendron phospholipids as innovative constructs for the preparation of super stealth liposomes for anticancer therapy. J Control Release. 2015;199:106-13
  • Licciardi M, Pasut G, Amato G, Scialabba C, Mero A, Montopoli M, Cavallaro G, Schiavon O, Giammona G. PHEA-graft-polymethacrylate supramolecular aggregates for protein oral delivery. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2013;84(1):21-8
  • Canal F, Vicent MJ, Pasut G, Schiavon O. Relevance of folic acid/polymer ratio in targeted PEG-epirubicin conjugates. J Control Release. 2010;146(3):388-99
  • Pasut G, Canal F, Dalla Via L, Arpicco S, Veronese FM, Schiavon O. Antitumoral activity of PEG-gemcitabine prodrugs targeted by folic acid. J Control Release. 2008;127(3):239-48


Pasut G, Veronese FM, Schiavon O (2009). Polymeric conjugate of phospholipids. PD2009A000168.

  Research projects and Funds

The research of Prof Schiavon is supported by public and private grants.